Privacy Policy

We take the security of your personal information quite seriously.

The HR Tech Privacy Center is a platform that explains how various online job search and recruiting sites and companies exchange data and safeguard privacy. 

This webpage was created to assist you to learn more about our Privacy Values, how your data is shared among our connected firms, and why it is vital for us to share it.

We can do the following using data shared between sites:

  1. Assist job searchers in connecting with more job openings and companies.
  2. Enhance and personalize our offerings for our users.
  3. Improve our users’ security.

Our protection values

  • Concentrating on your trust 

Whether we’re assisting you with securing positions or incredible competitors, we esteem the trust you place in us. To keep up with that trust we make critical speculations to safeguard your information. These endeavors are directed by our security values:

  1. We treat all clients similarly by giving a wide set-up of worldwide security privileges. Any client can ask for:
  2. Admittance to their information.
  3. Cancellation of their information.
  4. A versatile variant of their information.
  5. Limitation of or issue with specific handling of their information.
  6. We stick to an approach of protection by plan, which illuminates how we fabricate and work our administrations.
  7. We’re straightforward with regards to what individual information we gather and how it’s handled.